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Be noticed by attractive women!

  • 100+ dating lives transformed.
  • 200,000+ photos taken. 

Your friends will wonder how you’re going on so many dates. They won’t realize it’s because you hired the best dating profile photographer.


“After using the photos Joe took of me, the girls I match with are more interested, responsive, and willing to meet up!”


~Ed Dehm

Shirtless online dating profile photo for online dating profile photography client

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Dating Profile Photo Transformations

Jake Before After
Client for dating profile photography before and after
Before and after for dating profile photographer client
Paulino Finished

Dating Profile Photographer - Transformations

Jake Before After
Client for dating profile photography before and after
Before and after for dating profile photographer client
Paulino Finished
Professional Dating Profile Photographer Dating Photos Photoshoot Client for Tinder, Bumble, Hinge producing music

Feeling unseen by attractive women?

So you’ve:

But girls still aren’t giving you the companionship, dating & sex life you want?

Dating has changed. The best Tinder photos stand out. (or Bumble Photos, Hinge photos, etc.) According to a Badoo study, online dating users under 30 spend an average of 10 hours per week swiping.


That’s a lot of time girls could be swiping right on YOU!

Hiring a professional dating profile photographer will get you the dating life you’ve been wanting.

I’m not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but I get my clients results.

Hiring a dating profile photographer helps you stand out from the crowd. The best dating photos get girls excited to meet up with you.

Selfies don’t do it. Friends snapping a photo impatiently won’t have the feel. If your dating profile photos were good enough, you woudn’t be reading this far into my site, would you?

Working with a professional dating profile photographer is your best option to having the absolute best Tinder photos, bumble photos, hinge photos, dating photos.

I’m not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but I get my clients results. What are you waiting for? Unchain your dating life!

Michael games

Making your authentic self SEXY

It’s so frustrating feeling like you have to be “better” to get girls to notice you. That’s been my whole life up until I discovered the Paparazzi Factor (or how to get your noticed with the best dating photos).


Sure, improving your physique, fashion and grooming is important and should be an ongoing project, but you’re ready as you are to get the girls you want.


I tailor every dating profile photoshoot to highlight what makes you tick, and to attract the kind of girls you want.


I focus on making your dating photos look good but and also making the photos look relatable, candid and interesting – like you’re a celebrity just doing your thing and a paparazzi just happened to take sexy professional dating profile photos. 


I call this the Paparazzi Factor, and it’s what I’ve found to be most effective on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge.

This gets the kind of girls you’ve been craving swiping right on you for you. And it’s why you need a professional dating profile photographer to capture your best dating photos.

Be noticed by women with the Best Dating Photos!

When it comes down to swiping left or right, you probably need to improve your fashion, physique and grooming. After all, women are attracted to guys who take care of themselves. But what’s the point of putting in all that work if the way you present yourself is subpar? A woman won’t get excited about you without good dating photos that help you stand out from the sea of men she’s swiping past. Even if you have an amazing personality, she’s never going to know.


A study from the University of Saskatchewan shows that 54% of guys use selfies in online dating profiles. And let’s face it, your selfies aren’t showing you at your best.


Gain an unfair edge by working with a dating profile photographer & upgrade your Tinder photos in less than a day. Take advantage of my experience to increase your Paparazzi Factor and boost your dating profile.

Without Looking Too "Try-hard" or Generic

Portrait photographers (and any non dating profile photographer) get photos that are too generic and too posed. Your mom might think they look good but they don’t get matches. This isn’t your elementary school photo. These are your dating profile photos that are supposed to, in an instance, sweep a lovely woman off her feet. Your corporate photo, portrait photo, or random selfie just aren’t going to cut it if you want to attract an amazing woman. You need a professional dating profile photographer.


Shooting for online dating is an art. You need to balance intention while being care-free about what you do. Causal confidence. Relaxed elegance. Elevated sex appeal. You need someone you can trust to take an incredible photo so that you can focus on putting your best self in front of the camera.


That’s where the Paparazzi Factor comes in. As a dating profile photographer I use my experience of figuring out what works for myself and over 100 clients to make you look sexy doing what you already do. There’s a secret magic to getting the right picture, and it’s something that I’ve spent more than ten thousand hours perfecting.

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Dating profile photographer shows client online dating photo during photoshoot

Each Deluxe Package (Professional Dating Photoshoot) Includes:

Showcase your lifestyle & hobbies with ease. This is your Tinder photoshoot, Bumble photoshoot, and Hinge photoshoot all rolled into one kick-ass day. This is what you hire a professional dating profile photographer to do! ($2500 value)

My exclusive content is designed to make you look and feel confident, sexy, and powerful in front of the camera during your photoshoot. If you’re nervous, no sweat. That’s why you’re hiring a professional dating profile photographer. I’ll help you feel at ease. ($500 value)

Not sure what to wear? I’ve got you covered. My super easy wardrobe checklist is curated from the best professional dating stylists and fashion designers to make you look sexy and stylish with zero effort. This isn’t some corporate photo. I, your dating profile photographer, want to make sure you’re looking absolute best. That’s why I’ve worked hard to bring you expert recommendations with my style guide.

You bring the clothes that you’ve selected based on my expert recommendations, me, your dating profile photographer, will bring the vision to your dating photos.

to guide you on how to navigate the dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge plus any others you’d like) with your new KICKASS dating photos. You likely have questions. With my experience and knowledge, I can help point you in the right direction. Those little details or questions you’ve always wanted to ask but have’t had the chance, I’m here to answer.

to upload RIGHT AWAY to all the dating app platforms. You’re not just getting the services of a top-notch dating profile photographer. You also get guidance from someone who helped over 140 guys curate their dating profiles and fill up their schedule with dates.

explaining exactly WHY I chose the photos in each profile. It’s not enough to know what is a good dating photo. You want to know why so that you swipe with confidence.

within 1 week from our dating photos photoshoot. Your friends won’t do that for you. This is something that only a dating profile photographer is going to make sure is done right for you. This way, you can always keep your various dating profiles fresh with new photos as you test out which dating photos get you the most dates.

and how to use your Tinder photos, Bumble photos, and Hinge photos to attract the most interest. After all, you aren’t hiring a dating profile photographer for the fun of it. You are looking to match with more women and go on more dates! I’m here to help you.

plus my help with preparation for our dating photos photoshoot.

Just remind me, your dating profile photographer during your shoot to opt-in ($500 value)

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I'll personally curate your profile

If a dating profile photographer who got more matches and dates for over 140 guys chose exactly the photos from your photoshoot that girls would swipe right on, would that get you excited about swiping?


What if I told you exactly why these photos will get girls to swipe right?


I curate 5 full profiles for each client so you can swipe with confidence. Then I record a voice memo just for you explaining exactly why I chose those photos.


All you have to do to get matches and dates with many quality women is to pick one of the profiles I put together for you and start swiping!

Photo of Ed for online dating profile photoshoot testimonial
Edward Dem

I’ve a done a few photoshoots with Joe, and it’s been a major improvement for my Tinder profile.

Taking the right kind of dating photos is crucial for getting matches. I tried to work on mine with portrait photographers, but my matches didn’t change.


After working with a professional dating profile photographer and using the photos Joe took of me, the girls I match with are more interested, responsive, and willing to meet up!


Joe has an excellent eye for dating photos and he knows all the best spots around town to get awesome shots.


If you’re not getting what you want on Tinder, I definitely recommend Joe to help you out.

Meet Joe

Your dating profile photographer

In my early 20s, I was fat and miserable. I couldn’t get matches, let alone dates, even if my life depended on it. I’d spend countless hours swiping on women, hoping they’d reciprocate, only to find myself feeling shunned by the women I wanted to date. What pushed me over the edge was when an OKCupid date ghosted on me.


The light turned on. I hit the gym, began to eat right, and started learning how to take better photos to make my online dating profiles attractive. I didn’t have a dating profile photographer to help me out, so I had to figure it out myself. 


I tested every photo to see what works. Tirelessly. Week after week, I’d take new photos, post them, and scrutinize the results.


And you know what? It worked! I started going on more dates, figuring out what photos, angles, and frames helped me stand out.


This led me to meeting many other guys who were facing similar challenges. I realized that I could help them present their best self, because I studied and learned how to make super attractive girls swipe right and be excited to meet me!


Now, I am a dating profile photographer. I help other guys do the same by maximizing the Paparazzi Factor. I take sexy, authentic and candid photos that stand out on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge & other online dating apps.

Photo of me, as I was getting into online dating photography

Not just improved online dating profiles. Also improved social media presence.

As a dating profile photographer my photos are mainly to get my clients more matches & better dates. They are also perfect to improve their social media profiles like Instagram. This leads to better introductions & more closed deals. Upon request, I’ll snap a few professional headshots during our session for you to use wherever you want to make a good impression.

Sean 1 online dating photographer near me

Joe is a consummate professional. My experience was comfortable, informative, and most importantly effective! I have amazing shots that I can use for multiple platforms.

If you need photos, Joe is the guy to call upon

Coach Sean T.

Take back control of your dating life.

Lean on my experience in the trenches of online dating.  A simple photoshoot can mean the difference between them swiping left or right.

Frequently Asked Questions

I pride myself in following what works, not what is “politically correct” or sounds sweet on your Christmas card to your grandma.


I’ve been invited to over 20 cities to help over 100 guys build their perfect dating life. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.


It makes logical sense, that hiring a professional dating profile photographer will turn girls off. So I get why people ask me this.


The truth is it’s the best thing you can do for your online dating results, on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and everywhere else. I say this from a place of trying everything and knowing what girls actually think and what they actually swipe right on, not what your married friends or your single, dateless friends will tell you.


I do everything I can to make my dating profile photography clients comfortable on our shoot, but my goal here is not to make your grandma happy. My goal here is to help you build the love life of your dreams 👏🏼 In the end I’m sure she’ll be happy that you’re happy.



I live in Austin Texas and take dating profile photos with many clients here.


I also travel to clients anywhere in the world for a reasonable fee.


Here are some other cities in the USA I travel to:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • San Antonio
  • Phoenix
  • Bay Area
  • … and more!
As a dating profile photographer, I’m happy to travel for my clients.

If weather makes the dating photos photoshoot impossible (i.e. a hurricane or thunderstorm) or both my camera and backup camera break, I’ll reschedule it for free, even if I have to rebook flights and hotel.

Other than a situation in which I don’t show up, or my cameras are non-functional, all sales are final.


We allow reschedules for our professional dating profile photoshoots with 0 penalty up to 1 year from initial booking.

The only exception is if I’ve already booked travel accommodations, any difference in travel expenses will be due when rescheduling.

The Dating Wardrobe Guide

Professional Dating Profile Photographer Dating Photos Photoshoot Client for Tinder, Bumble, Hinge playing guitar inside a nice hotel room
Morgan Dating Unchained 260
Martin Dating Unchained 395

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about every aspecting of dating in today’s world, and one of the most important parts is what you wear. Your wardrobe can have a significant impact on your dating life. The clothes you choose can influence how others perceive you and affect your confidence and self-esteem.


I make it easy to choose the right clothes, colors, and styles to make you stand out to girls and be “that guy.” My expert curated One-Shopping-Trip Dating Wardrobe Guide makes your photoshoot even more effective at getting you more matches and more dates.

Want 1-on-1 feedback on your profile?

Hop on a video call with me and I’ll give you feedback and suggest a detailed plan for you to upgrade your profile as you wish…


…custom photo planning, feedback and style advice. All at a reasonable price – which all goes towards a shoot if you choose to upgrade!

Connect with Joe, the best damn Dating Profile Photographer and Dating Expert, on social media to get more content to help you build the love life you’ve been dreaming about.

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