The Mini Shoot is a great way to get you some solid matches quickly.

The Deluxe Package takes that further and brings out your strengths to attract the perfect matches to you.

The Mini Shoot:

  • I’ve curated 3 pre-picked locations in Austin to highlight your personality and give you the perfect vibe to attract women on dating apps.
  • With 1 different outfit for each location, you get a variety of photos to fill out your profile.
  • You get 50 edited photos.

The Deluxe Package:

  • You and I plan out 5-7 custom-picked locations, to bring out exactly the vibe and strengths that’ll get you compatible matches.
  • With unlimited outfit changes we capture tons of variety to fill out several profiles for you to experiment with
  • You also get 4x the photos (200-300)
  • Plus I have an attractive girl curate 5 profiles for you from our photos so you know they’ll attract the right matches
  • She even records a voice memo just for you explaining why she chose those as her favorite.

Mini Shoot
(Austin, TX only)

A great way to get a boost to your matches quicklly.
$ 750
Full total due at booking
  • A pre-picked route with 3 different locations
  • 1 Outfit per Location
  • 50 Edited Photos

Deluxe Package

I schedule only 2 of these a week so I can give each client the focus they deserve.
$ 1750
50% deposit ($875) plus optional travel fee is due to lock in your shoot
  • 5-7 Custom Locations
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • 200-300 Edited Photos
  • 5 Profiles Picked By Sarah (6 photos each)

VIP Package 

I schedule only 2 of these per month so I can give each client the focus they deserve.
$ 3000
50% deposit ($1500) plus optional travel fee is due to lock in your shoot
  • A Full Deluxe Package
  • A follow-up Evaluation Coaching Call
  • A Second Full Shoot to Perfect your Profile
Rob Testimonial
"Joe knows how to take a modeling novice and produce an entire portfolio of incredible pictures that will make a huge difference in your online dating success. Game changer, and worth every penny. Thanks Joe!"
Rob Humble

Frequently Asked Questions

I treat my packages as a premium product, so I like to have a quick conversation with potential clients before locking in a shoot.

This way I can address any questions or concerns you have so you can book with comfort and confidence.

Also, the Deluxe and VIP Packages both involve us spending a lot of time together (at least 4 hours). I want to make sure we’ll both be comfortable. It would be unfair to my other clients if I drained all my energy with the client before them. 

If you’re ready to be noticed by women and have the love life you’ve been wanting, book a call in my calendar above.

If you decide a photoshoot with me is the right move, I’ll take your credit or debit card info on the call and process your payment (full payment for The Essential Packages, 50% non-refundable deposit for The Deluxe and VIP Packages. Travel fees if applicable are also collected with the first payment.)

The second 50% is due after the shoot.

I collect the final 50% payment on the day of the shoot after we’re done taking photos.

Yes! If you sign up on the call, I’ll email you a private client-only video right when we hang up. I call it “Modelling 101.” It goes over facial expressions to make you look super confident on our shoot!


I’ve worked with over 100 clients. Over 90% were nervous at the beginning of our shoot. A whopping 0 were nervous at the end. It’s my job to make you comfortable, and I take my job seriously.

Yes! I will also email you my professional stylist approved Easy Peasy Wardrobe Checklist which includes a list of clothes to buy and where to buy them.

I will also give you personalized feedback if you message me photos of your current wardrobe.

If you want to go the extra mile I also partner with a professional men’s style consultant to offer a discount on his style course.

I have done photoshoots in over 20 cities so far, so location is not an issue.

I currently live in Austin, TX, USA.

If you live outside of Austin and book either The Deluxe Package or The VIP Package, I’m happy to come to you.

I charge a reasonable flat travel fee ($2000 for The VIP Package and $1000 for The Deluxe Package) to cover expenses and incidentals like flights, hotel, Ubers etc. as well as reimburse me for the hours spent travelling.

Some clients prefer to use the shoot as a convenient excuse to come and check out Austin, so that’s another option.

The moment you put in your deposit, I send you videos and documents I’ve spent hours to develop to get you prepared for your shoot.

These documents share powerful information that I can’t just give away for free.

Your deposit covers these materials, as well as my energy and focus to be available over text to answer any questions you have about modelling, the shoot, wardrobe items, etc.

I limit my shoots to 2 per week, and many clients plan trips and other important events around our shoot date to make sure it goes smoothly.

It would be highly unfair to other clients to hold a spot on the calendar, only to decide to cancel later.

No worries, this is pretty common actually.

We’ll go through the rest of the process and lock in your shoot with a deposit. This way you can start practicing my Modelling 101 video and pick up clothes from my Easy Peasy Wardrobe Checklist.

When you know what days work for you, just send them to me and we’ll lock in something that works for both of us.

It depends on the severity.

If it rains on the day of the shoot, often we can still take photos without issue.

If it rains too hard for too long, or another situation gets in the way of our shoot, we’ll get as many indoor shots as we can.

Depending on the quality and quantity of what we managed to take, a reshoot or a partial refund are both options.

Rest-assured, if you don’t get what I’ve promised you because of something we couldn’t control I’ll make it right.

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is why wait? The VIP Package is exactly for this situation. Why not go on dates while you work on your body? 😉

The VIP Package includes an initial full shoot, and then a Refinement Shoot later. We can push out your refinement shoot up to a year to give you time to slim up (or bulk up).

I have been with a large number of girls. I don’t like to share the exact number because I feel it dehumanizes the women I’ve enjoyed spending my time with, but it’s many more than most guys will ever hook up with in their lifetime.

I’ve only recently had a physique I’m proud of… I was very chunky when I met up with the majority of the girls I’ve hooked up with.

If I can do it while I’m overweight, you can too!



I accommodate splitting the payment into 2 parts if needed. The first 50% deposit is due on the call if you qualify. The second is due on the day of the shoot.