From Arrakis to Apocalypse

Timothée Chalamet has blown up in popularity these past few years. I’m going to tell you about a more obscure character he played, and how it’ll help you with your online dating photos.




It’s likely because he played the main character in Dune. Man, that was such a good movie. I watched it in theaters twice, plus it inspired me to read the first 4 books. Starting the 5th soon.



So well done.




He’s now going to be Willy Wonka in a movie that explores Wonka’s origins.


I’m inspired by his come up.


Right after playing the main character in Dune, he played a supporting character in a Netflix film called “Don’t Look Up.”


For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a dark comedy. A meteor was discovered hurtling towards Earth, bringing exctinction (and exciting explosions) with it, and society reacts how you expect it would… with a bunch of arguing about whether or not it’s real, what should be done about it and why it’s all THEIR fault (points angrily at the people who voted for THE OTHER GUY.)


But the plot of the movie isn’t important to this email or to your dating life.


I want to talk about the character Timothée plays: Yule, a skater boy with a backwards hat and a rebellious attitude.

Yule, Timothée Chalamet's character teaching dating profile photo lessons

From the outside he looks like a fuckboy. He’s got swagger, confidence, and he’s the leader of his group.

He’s got edginess and isn’t afraid to show his sexual desire to women.

But as Jennifer Lawrence’s character gets to know him, he shows a different side of himself. He shows a softness, a vulnerability.

He talks about his dreams, his feelings. He opens up.

Yule Soft

And she goes crazy for him.


This archetype isn’t unique to him, in fact it’s the main character in most romance novels.

Even Christian Grey fits this archetype pretty well.

The “fuckboy with a soft side” isn’t in all the romance novels and chick flicks for no reason… it’s everywhere because it’s fucking irresistable to women.

But how do you do it?

Well there’s a catch… You can’t fake it. You can’t “pretend” to be the fuckboy with a soft side, at least not for more than a short period of time. Girls will see through it immediately.

You have to become the fuckboy (with a soft side.)

But first you need to break that archetype down into it’s base elements.

So let’s boil it down… what makes this archetype so alluring?

  • a sense of confidence and willingness to go for what you want, especially with romance and sex,
  • but with social awareness, emotional awareness and sensitivity to soften the hard corners that would otherwise hurt her

The best of both worlds.

The best way to be this guy is to develop those traits in yourself at a deeper level.

I’d love to give you an instruction manual on how to do that, but that’s not something I can do in one single email so it’ll have to wait.

There’s something I CAN give you here though… A second lesson from Yule, one you can benefit from right now.

Yule’s image – his outward facing self before you get to know him – is exciting and fun. It’s shiny and magnetic to the kind of girls he likes.

Then, after they take the bait, he opens up and shows more of his real self, locking the girls in by making them feel special and privaleged to see past his fuckboy demeanor into his heart.

This is very similar to how the best dating profiles work. They’re authentic to you, but they’re also your best, shiniest self. Your highlight reel if you will.

They attract girls into the front door, and as they get closer, you show more of yourself to the ones you like.

When you’re choosy with who you let in, girls feel so special. They feel like you’re letting them past the version of yourself you show to the world and into your heart, which is exactly what you’re doing.

How can you apply this?

  • Part 1 is valuing your intimacy. It’s something you only want to give to girls you really like. Not everyone gets a ticket. Let in the ones you like, and be willing to let girls go that don’t excite you. Girls will sense that you are picky, which will make them want to work for your attention, plus if you do choose to let them in, they’ll treat you as something valuable and respect you rather than just another simp they can walk over.
  • Part 2 is having an exciting front door that attracts more girls to you. The more girls who walk up to the front door, the more options you have to choose from, the better the quality you end up having when you decide to let one in, and the pickier you can be.

I recently locked it in with a girl I’m seeing after about 5 months of dating. She’s ambitious, supportive, and values and respects me. She ticks pretty much all my boxes. (Plus I’m free to see other girls too, it’s not a strictly monogamous situation, but that’s another story for another time)

A lot of this is because I worked on myself inside and out and exuded a sexy front door that gave me the options I needed to build what I wanted with my love life.

The work I did includes all the things I mentioned above, plus I perfected my grooming, upgraded my wardrobe and got the best dating profile photo game possible. Timothée would be proud.

I learned from Timothée Chalamet, and you should too.

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I can’t wait to see more guys learn from Timothée Chalamet and get girls excited this Valentine’s Day.

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