Hitch and Dating Profile Photography

Here’s how this blog post will go.

  1. An embarassing but also badass story, tied to a fun chick-flick from 2005
  2. Why it matters to your success with women, and to dating profile photography
  3. Profit

Story time:


Hitch was a 2005 movie where Will Smith plays a dating coach. He tries to teach an awkward, overweight Kevin James to be suave and sexy to get this hot celebrity Kevin’s character is crushing on.

About a decade after this movie came out I was 24 and in college. I actually copied one of the corniest scenes from the movie with a girl I was seeing, and not ironically either.

Even though I made up for lost time after getting into dating profile photography, I was a late bloomer.

I lost my virginity at 22, and was still figuring out what to do with girls. At 24 I had some experience under my belt but sometimes I still got nervous, and kіѕѕіng a girl for the first time still gave me a lot of anxiety.

There’s a scene in Hitch where Kevin James’ character drops the hottie off at her place after a date. Instead of kissing her at the door, he panics, runs to the sidewalk and puffs on his inhaler.

Realizing what he was doing, he chucks his life-saving puffer in the most melodramatic way, rushes in, grabs her and shoves his face on hers.

It’s super corny and super badass at the same time.

Back to me in college. There’s this gorgeous girl I was flirting with in art class the whole summer. Natalie was her name. We’d draw next to each other and sing karaoke to Spotify playing on my phone.

We’d even hung out one on one a few times after class but I was still way too nervous to try to kіѕѕ her.


I was walking her to her car one day after art class and feeling butterflies in my chest. Man she made me feel some kind of way.

I wanted to press my lips on her lips so bad. She was so gorgeous. Making my mind go crazy.

I told myself I’d kiss her at her car.

But I found myself walking away instead. When I got to my car, a video played in my head, the video of Kevin James throwing his inhaler down and rushing in to make out with his crush.

I didn’t have an inhaler, but I just said “fuсk it” to myself and started to run back to her.


She turned, confused.

And I pressed my lips against hers.

One of my favorite kisses of my life right there, all done because I grew the balls and took a chance.

Later I told her what went through my head. She thought it was equal parts adorable and badass.

Why does all this matter to you?

The point of these two stories is that Kevin James out-hinged Hinge.

Will Smith’s character was teaching him to get the girl by being smooth and suave, but during the movie, Smooth Suave Smith kept striking out with his girl while Awkward Overweight Kevin James somehow stumbled his way into his celebrity crush’s arms.

100% looks help you in dating, especially if you work with a dating profile photographer, and 100% being funny and witty helps the dates you get from your dating profile go the way you want.

But even more than that is authenticity and being REAL. So many people nowadays put on a persona to avoid being hurt. They create a role, they perform for others to get what they want. But the thing is other people see it coming from a mile away. Especially on dating apps when you have ultra posed photos from a generic photographer instead of working with a dating profile photographer.

Do you remember the last time you met someone who was authentic?? It probably felt like a breath of fresh air. You instantly trusted them and they were magnetic. You wanted to be around them more and more!
That’s because it’s rare. And that’s why most of the advice that online dating gurus give only gets you short term results. “Text game” is how to be smooth and suave over text, like Will Smith was trying to be in Hitch.
But even if you attract a girl through your text game, she only likes the fact that you’re suave. She doesn’t like YOU. The moment you stop being Mr. Suave, you’ve stopped being the guy that she was attracted to in the first place.

On the other hand, being authentic like Kevin James won’t always work. Some girls just won’t be into you. But when you get great photos from a dating profile photographer and it does work you KNOW she likes you for you because you weren’t performing for her.

If being authentic isn’t working for you and you want to up the amount of options, then there are solutions.

  • Go to the gym to improve your physique,
  • Upgrade your wardrobe and improve your fashion,
  • Improve your hygiene and grooming
  • Develop a sense of humor
  • Pick up some hobbies
  • Build a fun social life
  • Work with a dating profile photographer to spruce up your dating profile photos

Building a persona gives you some short term results but it requires a lot of energy to keep up. Self-improvement makes you happier and attracts girls to you forever.

Pick one of the above and work on it a bit right now.

I hope this email entertained you and helped you get one step closer to your ideal love life and if you want to learn more about how I can help you as a dating profile photographer, click here: www.datingunchained.com

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