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The Match Magnet Package

Working with me is enjoyable, fast, and hassle-free.

I follow this 5-step framework for anyone who gets my most popular dating profile photoshoot package.






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1. Onboarding Call

Each client is different. We’ll use this call to:

A party fuckboy will likely take a different approach than a sophisticated, well-connected businessman.

The main point: we will use the real you and make it sexy by maximizing the Paparazzi Factor.


The moment I hang up, I send you an email with three high-value bonuses to get the most out of your dating profile photoshoot:

• The One-Trip Wardrobe Checklist – to get you looking your authentic best super easily. It’s a shopping list for sexy clothes to make looking your best on the shoot super easy.
• Modelling 101 Video – A short video I created to make looking confident super easy regardless of how nervous you feel during your dating profile photoshoot.
• The Planning Call Questionnaire – A quick questionnaire to get the most out of our planning call, which is the next step outlined below.

2. Plan Your Photoshoot

Once we get you booked in, we plan your dating profile photoshoot.

Around 1-4 weeks before our dating profile photoshoot, we will have a quick 2nd call to learn about your hobbies  & lifestyle. I’ll use this info to plan a list of shots to get that are authentic to you.


We’ll also finalize our logistics (where to meet, how we’ll travel between locations etc.)

Photographer with light getting ready for online dating photoshoot

3. Dating Profile Photoshoot

On the day of the shoot, we meet either at your place or at my hotel (if I’ll be traveling).

Our dating profile photoshoot itself will be 4-5 hours.

We will shoot in as many locations & have as many outfit changes as time permits. During the shoot I’ll take at least 700 photos, sometimes as many as 1500.

Dating profile photographer on shoot with online dating photo client
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4. Photo Editing and Curating

The moment I get back home (or to the hotel if I’m traveling) I immediately back up your photos to multiple locations.


Over the next few days I edit and curate the best 200-300 from the 700-1500 we took on your dating profile photoshoot.


I perfect the technical aspects of your photo with industry-standard professional photography editing software like Adobe Lightroom, and some specialized tools like Topaz Photo AI.


I then curate 5 complete profiles for you to make it easy to choose which photos to upload. 


I choose that will attract more casual partners to you, 2 that will attract more serious partners, and 1 of my favorites that you can use however you like.


I also record a voice memo explaining why I like the photos I chose for you..


You still have access to the full 200-300 photos if you’d like to make your own choice, but this way you don’t have to deliberate for days on which ones you like the most. You can just use one of the profiles I created for you if you want to get swiping right away!

5. Enjoy More Matches & Dates!

Once the photos are all ready, I’ll send you your download link!

After that, all you have to do is upload them to your apps of choice and swipe! You’ll see how much of a difference your new profile makes.

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What Makes A Good Dating Profile Photographer

Dating profile photographer on shoot with online dating photo client
Professional dating profile photographer directing client on photoshoot

How do you know if someone is a GOOD dating profile photographer?


This is a valid question. I can tell you all the reasons I think I’m a great dating profile photographer (and so can my clients), but just like you’re going to be choosy about who you choose to take out on a date, you should be choosy about who you hire as your dating profile photographer.


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