About Me - How I got into online dating photography

The name’s Joe, and these days my dating life couldn’t be any better.



It’s like a switch I turn on. I do a few boosts, get a few dates, & turn them off. My dates are fast, easy, & most of the time end up at my place the 1st time, with a glass of wine & her underwear on my bedroom  floor!



But I’m not here to brag. I’m saying this because it wasn’t always this way. I wasn’t always into online dating photography. I knew what it was like on the other side.

Photo of me, as I was getting into online dating photography
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My Experience with Online Dating

One day in my early 20’s I matched with a girl on OKCupid (those were the days.)


Online dating was new for me, but I was frustrated being lonely and wanted to find a girl to sleep with and enjoy spending time with.


So I asked her out.


I think she liked my authenticity! Even though I was overweight and a slob – I didn’t dress well, I had stains on my clothes and I didn’t get haircuts – she gave me her number.


We planned a date for that Tuesday after her work, and I was pumped!

I biked over to where we were going to meet, and waited.

And waited... And waited some more...

Fuck! What was her problem? Was it something I did? Was it something I said?

I got angry and fired off a few bitter texts, then I called her two too many times.

Angry and frustrated I pumped my pedals back home and cried…

Taking Myself Seriously

I decided no more! It’s time to work on myself and get the matches and dates I deserve!


So I ate right. I went to the gym. I got fit. I worked on my fashion.


I decided to get into online dating photography. I bought a nice camera, a nice lens and spent an embarrassing amount of money on some photography classes.


I got good photos. I uploaded them to OKCupid (RIP), Tinder, & Bumble.


I got matches and through trial & error, my online dating photography skills, and learning from others.


I figured out how to text girls, how to manage logistics, how to screen in the girls that were excited to see me and would be reliable, and screen out the girls who weren’t, and would probably flake.

Joe gym r2 min

Finally, I learned how to keep girls happy and coming back for more!

I found the more girls I kept around, the happier I was and the less I had to worry about getting matches - I could just see my favorite 2 or 3 on the regular and enjoy my life.

Dating profile photographer shows client online dating photo during photoshoot

It didn't end there...

My friends noticed the results I was getting from online dating photography and asked for my help.


I was pretty shocked how it totally transformed their dating lives. They won’t stop telling me how many matches they were getting!


Word got out and pretty soon I started helping out a range of other guys.


And they couldn’t be happier after working with me.

And that's how Dating Unchained was born.

I got so much inquiries that I started charging for my online dating photography services.


It’s so fulfilling to help guys who are in a similar situation to where I was, frustrated wondering why girls are flaking on them, or swiping left, or not coming back for more.


And it’s what gets me up in the morning. I’ve always wanted to help people build a life they love – that’s what Dating Unchained was built for. And it starts with taking back control of their dating lives!

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Rob Humble

Joe knows how to take a modeling novice and produce an entire portfolio of incredible pictures that will make a huge difference in your online dating success. Game changer, and worth every penny. Thanks Joe!

Take back control of your dating life.

Lean on my experience in the trenches of online dating.  A simple photoshoot can mean the difference between them swiping left or right.