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Whether you’re looking for love or hookups, our Rate My Profile service will help make sure that your photos and profile is setup to maximize your potential. This is a complimentary service included with all of our photoshoots.


“After using the photos Joe took of me, the girls I match with are more interested, responsive, and willing to meet up!”


~Ed Dehm

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Have an attractive girl curate your profile!

Ever think you need someone to rate my dating profile?

If an attractive girl chose exactly the photos from your dating profile photoshoot that she’d swipe right on, would that get you excited about swiping?

What if she told you exactly what makes you attractive?

For all my clients, Sarah, a girl I hired just for this, curates 5 full profiles, of 6 photos each that she would swipe right on. She then records a voice memo just for you explaining exactly why those photos are attractive so you can swipe with confidence.

All you have to do to get matches and dates with many quality women is to pick one of the profiles Sarah’s put together for you, upload the 6 photos, and start swiping!

Hear from a client how the feedback helped

No matter what you're looking for, we got you

Getting feedback on your dating profile from someone who is attractive and successful in the dating world who can ‘rate my dating profile’ can be incredibly valuable. By taking our feedback into account, you can make changes that could increase your chances of attracting an attractive girl who’s looking for the same thing you are.

Additionally, solid feedback could help boost your confidence and give you the motivation you need to put yourself out there and find the love life you deserve.


Tailoring your dating profile for love versus hookups or playing the field versus getting over a breakup requires a different approach.


Playing the field

If you’re looking to play the field and want to tailor your dating profile to attract friends with benefits, or multiple flings, getting feedback on your dating profile could be beneficial. By taking our feedback into account, you can make changes to your profile that will increase your chances of finding girls who are down for what you’re offering – ready to have fun and enjoy each other without expectations. For instance, we may suggest that you include more suggestive but tasteful photos of yourself, or photos of you out having a drink or to screen in the girls who are down for something more casual. We may also advise you to use more direct but playful language in your profile to make it clear that you’re not looking for anything too serious.



Getting feedback from us on your dating profile can be particularly useful if you’re looking for hookups. We can give you an honest assessment of your profile and offer tips on how to make it more appealing to potential hookups. We can give you an idea of the type of language and photos that are likely to attract a casual partner (hint there’s a way to do it tastefully but directly.) By taking our feedback into account, you can make changes to your profile that could increase your chances of finding attractive hookups on the regular!



If you’re looking for love, getting feedback from us on your dating profile can be incredibly beneficial. We may suggest that you include more photos of yourself engaging in hobbies or activities that are important to you, to show potential partners what you’re passionate about. We may also advise you to put photos up of you that make you look more approachable and relatable – so girls can see themselves really bonding with you.


Additionally, we can help you identify any red flags or areas of your profile that may be sending the wrong message. Our Rate My Dating Profile service can provide you with honest feedback on any potential turn-offs and offer advice on how to address them. You don’t want to miss this.


Getting over a breakup

If you’re getting over a breakup and looking to get back into the dating game, getting feedback from us on your dating profile can be incredibly helpful. We can provide you with an honest assessment of your profile and offer valuable insights on how to make it more appealing to potential partners who are also looking to start fresh.


We can give you tips on the type of language and photos that are likely to attract people who are also looking to move on from past relationships. We may suggest that you include more photos of yourself smiling and having fun, to show that you’re ready to enjoy life again. We can also advise you on how to use language that conveys your desire to start a new chapter in your life, without dwelling too much on your past relationship.


Our Rate My Dating Profile service can help give you the edge that makes you stand out and reach your objective.

Voice Memos

Getting feedback with our rate my dating profile service is crucial if you want to increase your chances of finding a compatible partner. However, written feedback can sometimes be difficult to interpret and may not convey the full range of emotions and nuances that someone wants to express. That’s why voice memos from a hot girl with our rate my dating profile service that’s included in each photoshoot can be an awesome way to get personalized and detailed advice.


Firstly, hearing someone’s voice can add an extra layer of intimacy and connection to the feedback process. When you hear a hot girl’s voice, it can help you feel more engaged and invested in the feedback they’re providing. It can also help you better understand the tone and intention behind their words, which can be difficult to pick up on through written feedback alone.


Additionally, voice memos can provide a level of detail and specificity that written feedback may not. Our hot girl consultant uses voice memos to provide more detailed feedback on specific aspects of your profile, such as the language you’re using or the type of photos you’re including. They can also provide more in-depth advice on how to improve your profile, such as suggesting specific topics to include in your bio or recommending ways to make your profile stand out from the crowd.


Another advantage of our rate my dating profile voice memos is that they can be more efficient than written feedback. Instead of having to spend time reading through a long email or message, you can listen to a voice memo while on-the-go, such as while you’re commuting or exercising. This can help you save time and get the feedback you need more quickly.

Voice Memos give you a new perspective

Rate My Dating Profile Photo Transformations

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Moye Before After
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Meet Joe

Your dating profile photographer

In my early 20s, I was fat and miserable. I couldn’t get matches, let alone dates, even if my life depended on it. I’d spend countless hours swiping on women, hoping they’d reciprocate, only to find myself feeling shunned by the women I wanted to date. What pushed me over the edge was when an OKCupid date ghosted on me.


The light turned on. I hit the gym, began to eat right, and started learning how to take better photos to make my online dating profiles attractive. I didn’t have a dating profile photographer to help me out, so I had to figure it out myself. 


I tested every photo to see what works. Tirelessly. Week after week, I’d take new photos, post them, and scrutinize the results.


And you know what? It worked! I started going on more dates, figuring out what photos, angles, and frames helped me stand out.


This led me to meeting many other guys who were facing similar challenges. I realized that I could help them present their best self, because I studied and learned how to make super attractive girls swipe right and be excited to meet me!


Now, I am a dating profile photographer. I help other guys do the same by maximizing the Paparazzi Factor. I take sexy, authentic and candid photos that stand out on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge & other online dating apps.

Photo of me, as I was getting into online dating photography
Sean 1 online dating photographer near me

Joe is a consummate professional. My experience was comfortable, informative, and most importantly effective! I have amazing shots that I can use for multiple platforms.

If you need photos, Joe is the guy to call upon

Coach Sean T.

Take back control of your dating life.

Lean on my experience in the trenches of online dating.  A simple photoshoot can mean the difference between them swiping left or right.

Frequently Asked Questions



You can get my feedback, curated from years of helping well over 100 guys get more matches and more dates. I’ll look over your profile and record a voice memo specifically for you, explaining what I like and don’t like about the profile you have put together.


Fair warning, I will do my best to be tactful, but I pride myself on providing clear and honest feedback. Don’t book if you think honest feedback will hurt too much.


The fee for our professional Rate My Dating Profile service from me, Joe, is $200.


By the way, if you decide to book a shoot within 60 days from your purchase, 100% of the fee goes towards the cost of your shoot – making it essentially FREE!



Booking page coming soon – check back here and it’ll be up within the week.


Once you book, I’ll email you a form to fill out and upload photos from your dating profile, and I’ll have my detailed feedback back to you within 3 business days.



If you’re like most guys, your photos likely aren’t showcasing you as well as they could, so don’t be surprised if part of the feedback includes upgrading your photos to better showcase your personality and style.



If you book a photoshoot, the feedback and voice memo you receive will be from Sarah, an attractive girl I hired to give you the feedback you need to get the best chance of getting what you want on dating apps!

I pride myself in following what works, not what is “politically correct” or sounds sweet on your Christmas card to your grandma.


I’ve been invited to over 20 cities to help over 100 guys build their perfect dating life. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.


It makes logical sense, that hiring a professional dating profile photographer will turn girls off. So I get why people ask me this.


The truth is it’s the best thing you can do for your online dating results, on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and everywhere else. I say this from a place of trying everything and knowing what girls actually think and what they actually swipe right on, not what your married friends or your single, dateless friends will tell you.


I do everything I can to make my dating profile photography clients comfortable on our shoot, but my goal here is not to make your grandma happy. My goal here is to help you build the love life of your dreams 👏🏼 In the end I’m sure she’ll be happy that you’re happy.



I live in Austin Texas and take dating profile photos with many clients here.


I also travel to clients anywhere in the world for a reasonable fee.


Here are some other cities in the USA I travel to:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • San Antonio
  • Phoenix
  • Bay Area
  • … and more!
As a dating profile photographer, I’m happy to travel for my clients.

If weather makes the dating photos photoshoot impossible (i.e. a hurricane or thunderstorm) or both my camera and backup camera break, I’ll reschedule it for free, even if I have to rebook flights and hotel.

Other than a situation in which I don’t show up, or my cameras are non-functional, all sales are final.


We allow reschedules for our professional dating profile photoshoots with 0 penalty up to 1 year from initial booking.

The only exception is if I’ve already booked travel accommodations, any difference in travel expenses will be due when rescheduling.

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