Do I do Dating Coaching?

No, but I partner with a few selectively chosen coaches I trust.


They’ll help you turn your matches into dates and more!

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George Kats

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Hi, George Kats here, I’ve been involved in the dating & relationship world for 15 years now. I’ve helped countless men, women, and couples attract, meet and keep partners from all over the globe.


My specialty is removing the unconscious stuff inside your head that stops you from loving and owning who you are at your core. As well as knowing how to simplify the entire dating process so that you have what you need to succeed but never have to be somebody you’re not.


This isn’t just INNER GAME, this is INNER PEACE (with yourself) making you a magnet for the high quality women you want to have in your life and feeling worthy of it.


Imagine now asking yourself, “How did I become the version of me that can effortlessly move through life and attract women, opportunities like this?”


You will shift at an identity level – there will be no turning back.


And most importantly you’ll enjoy the dating process and know exactly how to use it to keep evolving and removing layers of crap your upbringing, your past-experiences and the influences around you keep implanting into your head.


The only games you will be playing with women are the ones in your bedroom behind closed doors.


If you’re ready to BE the man who can attract, date, and keep high quality women then let’s talk.


Note from Joe: I’ve personally done coaching with George. I was getting in my own way with girls but blaming it on other things. He helped me pinpoint the reasons I was pushing girls away, and helped me clear them from my life so I keep girls coming back for more without consistent effort, and without playing games, just by removing the blocks I put up at a subconscious level.


Hudson Greening

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Hi, my name’s Hudson. It’s been ten years now since I began my own journey of building confidence and getting good with women.

I went from a shy nervous young man to someone who could date an abundance of quality women whilst being my true authentic self, now I help men do the same

I’ve been a men’s dating coach for the past four years and I’ve worked with thousands of men.

I specialize in helping men not just attract women or get them into bed but to find a high-quality partner. My motto is “You don’t attract what you want, you attract who you are”

I teach men how to build unbreakable natural confidence and charisma and to attract women without using cheap pickup lines or being a weird pickup artist.

Some basic info on what I cover in my program:

  • I give men live feedback on their texts and teach them how to be witty, charismatic and to build connections with girls over text so they stand out above the rest of the guys
  • I teach men how to have amazing dates and to create chemistry and to never receive a “I didn’t feel the spark” text ever again
  • I show men how to shift their limiting beliefs and mindsets and to feel worthy of the most beautiful women out there
  • I show men how to meet women in person as well, and to build their confidence and create an even wider net of high-quality dating options

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Take back control of your dating life.

Lean on my experience in the trenches of online dating.  A simple photoshoot can mean the difference between them swiping left or right.

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