More Matches™ Guarantee

You want more matches.


That’s why you’re interested in my services.


I’ve helped over 150 guys in more than 30 cities, 5 countries and 3 continents. I’ve got your back. I know I can get you the matches and dates you’ve been wanting.


But if you want some reassurance, I have my More Matches™ Guarantee.

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How it Works

If you follow my wardrobe guidance, get your photos, follow the Master Swiper Course I include with every package, and don’t get more matches in the 30 days following your shoot then I will:

  1. Get feedback on your profile from my Swipe Team, experts in online dating – both guys who are successful in their love lives and attractive women
  2. Use that feedback to craft 3 custom locations for a quick reshoot
  3. Guide you for a month to make sure you’re making the most of your swipes

The Fine Print

Clients hire me for results, not because the shoots are super fun (although they are.)


I want to do everything I can to get you results. I am confident I will, but to make you feel more comfortable I created this guarantee. If you haven’t gotten results then just reach out within the month after the 30-day-mark of receiving your photos and I’ll work with you to solidify the results you’ve been yearning for, by gifting you the items in the above section.


If you can’t come to Austin for your reshoot, I will travel to you after collecting a travel fee to cover my expenses.

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So If You're on the Fence?

Use this as the push to get the love life you’ve been wanting.

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