Plan Your Dating Profile Photoshoot

Preparing for a photoshoot is a lot of work, but that’s what you hire me for. I make everything easy for you to make sure that your photoshoot day and your dating profile photos are perfect.


– Customize Your Photoshoot

– Video Tutorials

– The Phone Call Sync

– Location. Location. Location.

– The One-Trip Wardrobe Checklist

– Wardrobe review via text

– Personalized Shopping list

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Best professional dating profile photographer on a photoshoot

Customize Your Photoshoot

Every man is unique, and your photoshoot needs to showcase your unique personality. 


Once you schedule your photoshoot, you’ll receive a 3 minute survey to share your hobbies and current favorite dating profile photo.


From your short and simple answers, I can start to plan your dating profile photoshoot to make the most of our time together.


But this is only the beginning…

Video Tutorials

There’s a lot to keep in mind for your photoshoot, and I know you’re busy. So am I. Instead of trying to extra phone calls, I’ve created a few useful video tutorials to help you master the Paparazzi Factor look, pick your wardrobe, present yourself with confidence, and so much more.


You can watch these at your leisure and as often as you’d like.

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The Phone Call Sync

You’re busy. I’m busy. That’s why there’s a survey and video tutorials. But we can’t just plan everything without talking.


You will be able to schedule a call that fits into your life so that we can review and finalize your dating profile photoshoot details.


My goal is to make sure that all the prep work is taken care of for you, and this phone call sync is an essential step in that process.

Location. Location. Location.

The secret to an amazing photo is having an incredible location. Every city has great spots with vibrant colors and activity that will make you look even more badass. 

After all, imagine try looking like a sophisticated leader while taking a selfie in your car seat with the belt buckle on. That is simply not going to work.

I use everything we’ve talked about to think of amazing locations for your photoshoot. I welcome your ideas and suggestions, but part of why you hire me is to help come up with location ideas and do the scout work to ensure it’s the right location that fits your personality.

On our shoot, we’ll use a variety of locations to highlight different strengths. I have an eye for identifying plus an encyclopedic knowledge from my experience of places with multiple unique backgrounds that can be used for several different and visually stunning photos.

Professional dating profile photographer location

Joe knows his s***. I had some ideas about what I wanted, but Joe spent time learning what I cared about and then came up with a kick-a** day of locations. I didn't even suggest any of the spots, and we went to 5 different locations, including a few I'd been to myself but never would have imagined would look as amazing as they did.

The prep was super easy for me, but I could tell that Joe put a lot of time and care into planning my day. And the One-Trip Wardrobe Guide was amazing. I upgraded my wardrobe based on his recommendations, and every woman I asked loved the way I looked in each of my new outfits. It was a big confidence boost heading into my photoshoot.

I couldn't be more thankful. And my photos came out amazing. The quality of women is night and day from the crappy photos I took of myself.

Elliot dating profile photography client

– Elliot K, satisfied client

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The One-Trip Wardrobe Checklist

I’ve made an easy-to-follow checklist to make sure that you have the essential wardrobe items to maximize your photoshoot. After all, you don’t want to take pictures in an ugly outfit. No matter what magic I can work, I can’t undo bad fashion.


Even if you don’t have an eye for style, that’s ok. The One-Trip Wardrobe Checklist will make your life easy.


There are a few key items you’re going to need including dress shirts, tshirts, jeans, shorts, and workout cloths. Plus, a few piece of jewelry are always a nice touch (necklace, watch, rings, etc).


Perhaps fashion and style is your thing. Amazing. Consider the One-Trip Wardrobe Checklist a starting point, because these are items in every man’s wardrobe that I’ve found help them 


stand out in their photos and in life. And you may already have them.

Wardrobe Review Via Text

Just because you have the One-Trip Wardrobe Checklist doesn’t mean you’re going to automatically know whether every part of your wardrobe is good for the photoshoot.


I’ve helped hundreds of guys prepare for their dating profile photoshoot by giving them quick feedback on their wardrobe.

Whether you are going to buy new clothes or use what you already have, I’ll ask you to text me some photos so that I can give you quick and personalized feedback on what works or doesn’t.


You don’t have to take my advice, but the guys who have consistently tell me that my feedback helped upgrade their look. This is a free service that all of my clients get. Take advantage!

Dating profile photographer on shoot with online dating photo client

Personalized Shopping List*

On top of the One-Trip Wardrobe Checklist and Wardrobe Review, I will send you a personalized shopping list that will match perfectly with your planned photoshoot.



The organization that I bring to your photoshoot is one of the reasons I’m consistently earning 5 star reviews and am the best dating profile photographer in the US.



Plus, you’re going to look amazing.


*Just remember, I can’t personalize your experience if you don’t send me photos of wardrobe.

Take back control of your dating life.

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