My Mission

Dating profile photography is the “what” of Dating Unchained, but WHY?


At my core I believe in a few things:

  • Life is meant to be enjoyed not just survived
  • With enough resourcefulness, any lifestyle is possible
  • As long as we are not harming others, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to live a fulfilling life

I started Passion Unchained, my parent company, with a desire to help people in the world Unchain Their Passion and Build a Life They Love.


Dating Unchained is one specific path to this. I help guys build a dating life they love – be that a committed spiritual bond with their soulmate, or hooking up with 3 new girls every week, or anything in between, I hope to help guys build exactly the dating life they want by taking kickass dating profile photos.

Photo of me, as I was getting into online dating photography

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