The Biggest Change in my Business since Sliced Bread

Just dropping in to share some big news about what’s happening at Dating Unchained. After a wild ride from starting out to going through some tough times – being homeless for 2 years, couchsurfing from place to place, maxxing out my credit cards trying to get my business off the ground -, I’ve been on this incredible journey helping guys step up their dating game with killer profile pics.

I’ve been all over the place— more than 30 cities, 5 countries, and 3 continents, doing over 150 photoshoots. It’s been awesome seeing so many find what they’re looking for in their dating lives, and being a part of it!

I’ve been thinking a lot about guarantees. I know, it sounds a bit corporate, but hear me out. Because of my rough patch, I was pretty hesitant to promise anything I wasn’t 100% sure I could deliver. I mean, the thought of going back to those tough times? No thanks. 

When I’m on the other end, buying something from someone, I’ve always thought a 100% money back guarantee devalued the service. The idea is that you (as the business) come across as so confident that you put your money where your mouth is, but to me at least it came across as “please buy my shit! If it doesn’t work you don’t have to pay… pleeeeeaaasseeee”

But I am confident I can get results for guys looking to go from scarcity to abundance in their dating life. I’ve done it time and time again. And if I can offer some reassurance to people who are on the fence about working with me, then I owe it to them. So I’ve found a middle ground where I feel a dynamic of mutual respect and cooperation is achieved – while I still guarantee results to everyone I work with here on out.

Here’s how my More Matches Guarantee works:

Every dating profile photography package involves a deposit I collect when someone books.

That deposit pays for all my work – the fashion guidance and planning before the shoot, the shoot itself, editing the photos, all my time, etc.

The deposit is final, non-refundable.

The second payment, however, pays for your results.

If you try to use the photos and don’t see an improvement in your matches then I’ll refund your second payment, simple as that. If you don’t get results, I don’t deserve to be paid for results.

You can find all the nitty-gritty on this over at my site. Just hit up Dating Unchained, and there’s a section right there on the homepage about this guarantee.

It’s all about taking the risk out of the equation for you and doubling down on my promise to help you nail your dating life – in a way where I don’t feel I’m begging you to lock in a shoot.

This whole guarantee thing is a big step for me and the biz. It’s not just about taking pretty pictures; it’s about real results. Whether it’s choosing the right photos with my Swipe Girls or making sure you’re feeling like a million bucks when we shoot, it’s all geared towards getting you more matches and dates.

So, yeah, that’s the scoop. If you’re looking to up your dating profile game and want someone who’s really got your back, click on this last paragraph. Let’s make your dating profile into something that gives you the abundance you’ve been yearning for in your dating life.


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